More than a boardroom in which a group of people listening to experience and see the presentation of an advisor, entrepreneurs seeking new business opportunities and expand their market, they need to go beyond meeting rooms and dive ecosystem for insight into the field to conquer; is the proposal TechBAs your Full Immersion program.


entrepreneurs explore and face to face with all the challenges and the actual conditions in the international market.

Immersion is not lonely in that effort Mexican businessmen accompanying the HLT TechBAs, expert consultants in business development strategies, allies and Mexican entrepreneurs who have successfully undertaken the feat in places most competitive in the world who, in turn, share tips and learnings with Mexicans begin this effort.

this total immersion, TechBA helps entrepreneurs to identify challenges and to define its value proposition and market strategies, competitive advantages, intellectual property plan, business model, funding sources, networking among other topics. Added to this, program participants discover the business culture of the new market.


supported by senior advisors, consultants, mentors and investors that accompany this understanding and conquering the market with which the program is 10% theory and 90% practical.

"TechBA is not neither is business tourism academy. TechBA accomplished entrepreneur living the experience and understand the culture of doing business in an international market. "Adolfo Tavera, Director TechBAs Silicon Valley.