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Un programa de FUMEC

TechBA is a program created in 2004 by Mexico’s Secretary of Economy and the US-Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC) whose objective is to strengthen the entrepreneurial, technological, and innovative capacity of small and medium sized technology-based companies and to facilitate the process of internationalization through consulting services customized to companies’ needs.

Our acceleration model is aimed at catalyzing the development of companies, facilitating access to an international network of high level consultants and experts, and thereby enabling companies to rapidly improve their value proposition to ensure their long-term success at the international level.

FUMEC is a bi-national non-profit organization created in 1993 within the context of the negotiation of NAFTA. Its mission is to promote bi-national cooperation in science and technology to contribute to solve problems of common interest, especially those that support Mexico’s economic and social development.

To achieve this objective, FUMEC brings successful experiences from the United States and other countries to Mexico with the goal of promoting best practices in our three programmatic areas:

  • *Innovation-based economic development.
  • *Human resource development in science and technology.
  • *Environment and health.

With the Secretary of Economy, FUMEC created the TechBA international acceleration program for Mexican companies with the goal of providing high-level specialized consulting services to technology-based Mexican companies looking to expand their operations to international markets.