In 1995, a group of farmers in the State of Mexico began to grow mushrooms for local consumption. It was a backyard production only aspired to provide the village Jipilco, but when it grew peasants saw the need for packaging remnants to prevent waste.

was how Endotzi, a company that currently produces 12 tonnes of fresh mushrooms and monthly processes 300 tons of compost for mushroom born. Today Endotzi generates 30 direct jobs and between partners and operators, and 20 more seats on its processing plant. Moreover, it could be estimated indirectly employing another 150 people.

The company has seven packaged products include: huitlacoche, mushrooms and fresh mushrooms marinated in olive oil and chipotle and Indian nuts and chocolate covered blueberries, all considered gourmet products. Endotzi markets these products in different shopping centers in Mexico and, in early 2012, started to export to Spain.

What has brought success to this society of rural production is the lucky combination of its visionary leader, Mariano Jacinto, and a group of partners who have been able to see the importance of exploring all forms of marketing their products.

was just an effort to get their products out of Mexico, leading to Endotzi working with Eempresarial Technological Support System (SATE) and the acceleration program TechBA companies in Vancouver. "WSCF gave us the knowledge of the regulations and helped us go faster. While we brought and the objective of exporting, WSCF helped us better understand the landscape of the foreign market and since then everything was faster, "says Mariano.

SATE company gave advice to meet national and international need to sell their products standards and TechBA Vancouver gave him the tools for consulting the Canadian market and for export.

The company has already sent its products to Spain in the medium term and hopes to conquer the market of Canada. "We're working on all that, markets are not open to the overnight. You have to go slowly, "says Mariano.

currently Endotzi SATE continues to work with in order to start a research and development project. "In Mexico there are no specialized laboratories in fungal mycelia or seeds, then we have the intention is to seek the necessary support to make a specialized mushroom strains and laboratory exotic mushrooms," says Mariano.