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Accelerating Mexico´s most innovative companies

We support the internationalization of small and medium sized technology-based mexican companies (PyMEs) with innovative value propositions and the potential to compete in global markets.

TechBA is a program of Mexico’s Secretary of Economy and the US-Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC) created to help provide access to the most dynamic business ecosystems for small and medium sized technology-based mexican businesses interested in expanding into global markets.

Our acceleration model aims to catalyze the development of companies, facilitating access to a network of high level international consultants and experts that allows the companies to quickly improve their value proposition to ensure their success at the international level and guarantee their long term permanence.

We have eight locations in highly technologically competitive environments: Arizona, Austin, Michigan, Seattle, and Silicon Valley in the United States; Montreal and Vancouver in Canada; and Madrid as a gateway to the European Union.

Our objectives are:
  • *Take the most successful Mexican technology companies to global markets.
  • *Facilitate the interaction of these companies with international environments that can drive their .
  • *Accelerated growth, allowing them to generate alliances, sales, and attract investment..
  • *Position Mexico as a world-class technology provider.