Since it began operations in 2001, has aimed Infolink grow nationally and internationally. Approaching TechBA, Infolink, an enterprise software support, aimed to access larger customers, increase their sales and do it fast. They felt that the inertia of its activity in Juarez would lead to a gradual growth too, so if they managed a place in Silicon Valley, have many more and better opportunities.

With this vision, José Antonio González, CEO of Infolink, answered the call TechBAs in 2007. After going through the selection process, the company began the process of acceleration. José Antonio describes his interaction with TechBA in two stages: during the first two years, he visited the Silicon Valley once a month, attending meetings and, with the support of consultants, made ​​contact with potential customers as well as competitors. This allowed him to weave a network, a fundamental question to interact in a highly competitive ecosystem like Silicon Valley.

In the summer of 2009, José Antonio decided to move to San Jose, California. Thereafter, he began the rapid growth of Infolink. In eighteen months, sales increased by 300% managed. This has been due in large part to his efforts focused to address a specific niche market: specialized support. Infolink clients include Microsoft and McAfee, both with own products and a particular type of care Infolink offers.

addition, if a company strictly service Infolink develops a product for analyzing data in large volumes. This allows you to not only provide services but also to market inserting an end, innovative products with high added value.

Locate on strengths, where the opportunities and focus on them, has been key to the success of Infolink, along with a good dose of patience and perseverance, "things take time ... you have to go inserting ecosystem , making your network without TechBA would have been more difficult and expensive for us to do, "says González.