Especialistas en Turbopartes is a Mexican high-tech company that has managed to successfully migrate to the aerospace industry, itself, for its dynamism, will allow you to continue to grow and develop their full potential.

1991 Specialists is dedicated to manufacturing and parts for rotordynamic rehabilitation equipment, and expertise in this area has become the most important manufacturing company in Mexico turbomachinery.

Despite these remarkable achievements, for several years the company was planning to enter the aerospace industry, and it was this interest that made her respond to a call in 2008 TechBAs Montreal to discuss their chances of entering the aerospace industry.

Specialists Turbopartes went through a process of pre-acceleration and then went to the acceleration, which allowed him to acquire financial planning tools and support in AS9100 certified. Finally in 2010, the company opened a division specializing in aviation and a year later became formally aerospace supplier, by manufacturing specialized components and Goodrich Landing Gear Nolanco.

Part of the success Specialist Turbopartes is that had the constant need to innovate, as to say its Director, Galo Bertin, "the company has developed in-house technology generation, because we know that it always helps to growth and strengthening of any company. "

Under these conditions, the encounter with TechBA, could not be luckier, and thanks to the advice and support of this program, the company could open up doors in a highly demanding industry.

Jatziri Barrios, Chief of the Aeronautics Division Specialist says that virtually all aerospace division was formed with support TechBAs because "the company wanted to enter this sector, but was TechBA who took us step by step to develop the business: from seeing the needs of investment, output, ie practically helped us in everything "


Today titanium parts manufacturing Turbopartes Specialists are all exported to Canada. These carriers for landing gear of the Boeing 777, the Boeing 767, and Airbus 380, and the company is betting on reaching an agreement to continue this proveeduría in the long run.