2010 when contacted Digono WSCF did not have a value proposition that differed from the many companies offering custom software.

"We were a totally different company did not know where we were or where we were going and, like many in this industry, we struggled to survive," recalls its director, Carlos Mondragon


Mobile Leadership was the first program of WSCF contacted this company from Morelia, and offered advice and relationship with partners like Nokia, BlackBerry and Qualcom, plus invite international events.

exposure to new ways of doing business Digono motivated to locate a niche market in order to find international business opportunities. So, went to a week of induction TechBA Vancouver and then entered the pre-acceleration process.

Following this advice, decided to continue to Digono acceleration, receiving feedback from specialists such as Paul and Steve Hertz Bocska. In addition, the company opened sales offices in Vancouver and contacted international customers.

received counseling and workshops to serve him Digono to develop their internal capabilities and start writing your story with a clearer course, focusing on the development of mobile applications for entertainment and culture industries.

Currently the company works with a Spanish publisher, with five Mexican CONACULTA and more publishers, most notably the Economic Culture Fund, which reaches throughout Latin America.

Digono be assumed that from 2010 to 2011 doubled its sales and number of employees and, to his surprise, his status as an international company also had a positive effect on the national market.

According to the Director this company, began "to be survivors to become a focused, competitive and better positioned company."

More information: www.digono.com