Diego Correa and Hector Ferrer, founder of Orinoco, operate from the country with foreign customers responded to a business strategy, but also had implied a personal challenge caused by his own work experience: prevent leakage of creating human capital a job for professionals Chihuahua faced the dilemma of staying to work in factories or leave the state in search of opportunities.

Orinoco Systems

company born in 2008 with a clear international vocation: dealing from Chihuahua, Mexico, the needs of companies and organizations in the United States, where all clients


Orinoco Systems is a consulting firm in Information Technology specializing in designing, implementing and maintaining solutions that enable companies and organizations to achieve greater efficiency in their processes.

In 2009, the entrance to TechBA Arizona Orinoco helped to better define your sales strategy. "Before TechBA our approach was focused on costs. Working with them allowed us to identify other benefits that the customer values​​, such as the flexibility to adapt to your needs.

"Now our focus is more mature and as a result we did more business, have more projects and more talent to work," says Hector Correa, Director of Operations Orinoco.

Once completed the process of defining your sales strategy, TechBAs work was aimed at the company provide advice on legal, financial and business issues, as well as exploring new markets.

Orinoco Systems of Mexico has a sister company in the U.S., Orinoco Systems LLC, along with a vast network of contacts in Chicago, where he has served clients such as Midas, Michigan Medical, Sarah Lee, Sears, and Duff & Phelps Quest Group, among others.

growth achieved in recent years is impressive: in 2011, Orinoco sold 40 times more than in 2008 and has not only managed to increase its staff of reviewers, but retain the original, which for them is a great pride

In recognition of all this, the company worthy of the SME Award 2011 was made by the Ministry of Economy, as the best company acceleration internationally.

About his experience as an international company, Hector Correa has no hesitation in telling those who want to enter the global market, "is the shortest TechBA for Mexican companies that want to do business in the U.S. way. It works if you're ready, if you have an open mind and if you are willing to redefinirte. "

"After being with TechBA our approach is more mature, we did more business, have more projects and more talent to work."

More information: www.orinoco-systems.com.mx