Forza Global Solutions has learned to do big international business TechBAs supported, the business accelerator technology. With just 30 permanent employees, this company Morelos provides various products and services to 24 auto assembly plants in Mexico, the U.S. and Venezuela, and has among its clients global companies such as Chrysler, Ford, Nissan and Volkswagen.

In 1998, Guillermo Terrones conceived the idea of ​​creating Forza social service while doing research at the University of the State of Morelos, because this experience allowed him to meet the needs of auto manufacturers and identify that there was a business opportunity.

Before meeting TechBA, the company sold protector to prevent damage to the car during assembly, but thanks to the advice received, its leaders realized that actually offered a much broader technical assistance to reduce costs for damage during the assembly process. "Forza was a company before TechBA and quite another now," said Dalia Terrones, sister of William, who is Commercial Director of the company.

redefine its value proposition was the key to start winning more customers. "Our sales increased exponentially from 2010 to 2011-remember-when we Guillermo TechBA in 2008 we gave assistance to an overseas plant, then our sales increased by 1000%, so much so that last year we had the capacity to serve customers. TechBA taught us to detect what hurts the customer and focus our strengths to solve it. "

While the company has always had a strong vocation for innovation, this was reinforced when in TechBA. "We innovate in the process and the products we offer have served as a model for companies around the world," says William. Example of this is a fender protector who designed for Volkswagen Puebla, whose design was already adopted by Audi in Germany.

Despite its huge success, Forza is not resting on its laurels, so we are working to create a new research center which, according to William, "is worth more than all the assets of the company." The company is betting that this brand new center will allow you to explore new areas and offer innovative products compatible with their strengths, as economic downturns have taught them they can not rely solely on the automotive sector.