Say that crises create opportunities and history of the Mesta brothers Jesus and Javier is a clear example of this.

In 2006, the company that inherited their father was facing bankruptcy due to the invasion of textiles from Asia. They elaborated jeans in his native Chihuahua, but when sales began to fall, they knew to look for new horizons. "We began to discuss what to invest in and saw that the aerospace industry was beginning to land in Mexico," recalls Jesus Mesta, CEO of Soisa.

Today the company manufactures more than 40 products and provides aerospace companies such as Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier, and airlines like United, easyJet and Shanghai Airlines, among others.

But change was far from simple. The first thing the brothers Mesta was certified in AS9100, for without it would be impossible to enter the aerospace industry. Already certified, they learned that TechBA could support them and asked to go to Montreal, where they began to work with consultants who have experience in major aerospace firms.

Before going to TechBA, the Mesta brothers had no clear idea of ​​the future, but after three years in the program, have developed a "well defined and structured, with clear objectives and actions" vision, Jesus says.

Soisa growth has been exponential and hence outstanding. In just seven employees who had in 2007, the company increased its workforce to 170 in 2011 in terms of sales, from 2008 to 2009 the company quadrupled its volume.; in 2010 and 2011 it doubled again and expect to double sales in 2012.

Asked about his formula for success, Jesus says that everything is the result of discipline. "The first challenge was to get certified, because it involves a lot of discipline and keep well. The rest has come as a result. "This discipline is lived daily in the company whose quality culture revolves around two sentences. "Do it right the first time" and "permanently exceed the expectations of your client"

Today Soisa can ensure that their products meet and exceed the expectations of its customers because the company remains committed to improving its services. "We have a person dedicated to constantly feed back and the customer is happy because we offer better service, and also because we can complement better," Jesus concludes.